Meet the Farmer Behind the Heirloom Citrus of Buck Brand

During Citrus Days, January17-30, look for choice varieties from Buck Brand, provided to us by Organically Grown Company.

Buck Brand citrus is grown on the sunny hills of Deer Creek Heights Ranch in Terra Bella, California and other small plots of land in the foothills of the San Joaquin Valley. Farmer Lisle Babcock and his wife, Mary Lou Babcock, grow traditional, heirloom and varietal citrus on their organic family farm.

Lisle is known as a citrus guru -- always planting, sampling and developing the new and classic citrus varieties that have made Buck Brand famous for its outstanding quality and flavor. The fruit is picked to order and delivered within days of harvest, not weeks.

“Buck Brand citrus is by far the favorite of our Produce department,” explains Central Co-op Produce Manager Shelby Summer Alexander. “They have an unmatchable quality in appearance and taste.”

The fruit is simply brushed with horsehair brushes and drenched with a natural compound, using only the fruit’s own natural wax. This produces a fruit that is full of its own natural flavor, like you picked it right from the tree, the way it used to taste, before the use of artificial wax and fungicides.

Sample citrus from Buck Brand and more when Organically Grown Company comes into the Co-op from 1-5pm on Sunday, Janaury 28.

Date: Friday January 26, 2018

Category: Fresh Pick

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