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Co+op Basics

Central Basics are now Co+op Basics!

Looking for amazing prices on everyday products? Look for products marked with a purple Co+op Basics tag!

We've got staple foods, bulk goods, dairy, and other popular items at prices you'll love. Prices good for all shoppers. Click here for a sampling of products and prices.


Co+op Deals

Co+op Deals are full of great sales on organic and natural favorites from across our store, and the flyers are stocked with tips and stories on food, producers, and nutrition, plus recipes and more. Prices are good for all shoppers!

Co-ops around the country work together to get these prices from our biggest supplier. When you buy these specially priced products, you're sharing in the combined economic power of our nation's food cooperatives.

Some items may not be available at both stores or stocked by Central Co-op. To special order a flyer item that is not normally stocked, contact us. Shop in-store to get these deals!

Central Sales

Even more good stuff is on sale around the store! Highlights are listed below.

Shop in-store to get these deals.

Produce Sales, August 15-21

Organic Heirloom Tomatoes: $5.49/lb | Reg: $5.99/lb

Organic Yellow Onions: $0.99/lb | Reg: $1.49/lb

Organic Valencia Oranges: $1.29/lb | Reg: $1.99/lb

Organic Donut Peaches: $2.99/lb | Reg. 3.99/lb

Organic Open Pint Cherry Tomatoes: $4.49/ea | Reg: $5.49/ea

Organic Russet Potatoes: $1.49/lb | Reg: $1.99/lb

Organic Green Beans: $2.99/lb | Reg: $3.99/lb

Organic Champagne Grapes: $3.99/ea | Reg: $4.99/ea

Organic Personal Watermelons: $1.99/ea | Reg: $5.99/ea

Organic Bunched Spinach: $2.49/ea | Reg: $2.99/ea

Organic Broccoli: $2.49/lb | Reg: $2.99/lb


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