It's Turkey Time! Tips for preordering, brining, and cooking your Thanksgiving bird. (2015)

To order your turkey, visit the Meat counter or call 206-329-1545.

We’re back this year with everything you need for a hearty and healthy Thanksgiving. Supplies are limited, especially the heirloom turkeys and turkeys from Skagit River Ranch. Our Meat Department staff are ready to help you with your order!

Don't forget the pie!

You can even handle dessert at the same time: Reserve holiday pies with the Meat department when you place your turkey order. Or contact our Deli or Central Services. More info

Picking up your turkey

Stop by the Meat department and give your name at the counter. They'll bring your turkey your turkey out for you.

If you're planning to brine your turkey, pick it up by November 24 to give it enough time in the brine.

Holiday tip: Have your Thanksgiving groceries delivered!

Make your holiday shopping a snap with Instacart! Shop our online store and schedule delivery up to a week in advance. Delivery is available daily, including 8am to 2pm on Thanksgiving Day.

To get delivery for your holiday turkey:

  1. Preorder your turkey by visiting the Meat counter or calling the store at 206-329-1545. Be sure to tell us you're going to use delivery.
  2. We'll send you instructions via e-mail for adding your turkey to your Instacart order.

Get free first delivery and $5 off your first order! Use code CENTRALC5. Learn more about delivery

Choose from Organic, Natural, Free-Range, and Heirloom birds.

This year, we're proud to offer:

  • Free-range, organic, and heirloom turkeys from Diestel. Diestel is a family-owned ranch in California where turkeys have plenty of room to roam and are fed low-fat vegetarian food.
  • Free-range and organic turkeys from family-owned ranch Shelton’s.
  • Organic turkeys from Skagit River Ranch in Sedro Woolley, WA. (Supplies are limited!)

Turkey Prices

Mary’s and Northwest Naturals

Shelton Free Range

Diestal  Free Range

Diestal Organic

Diestal Heirloom

Skagit River Ranch Organic







Cooking Your Turkey

The Co-op is stocked with numerous supplies, cooking pans, twine, cooking bags, basters, and much more. Check in the Meat department and in the Mercantile section across from Bulk.

How I Cook My Turkey
By Wayne, Meat & Seafood Manager

Brining your turkey helps it retain water

  1. Put the turkey in a 5-gallon bucket and cover it with cold water
  2. Dissolve a 1/4 to 1/2 cup of salt in it
  3. Leave for 24 hours
  4. Take out and pat dry
  5. Season turkey how you’d like, then tuck the wings underneath and loosely tie the legs together.

The helmet method helps keep in that moisture from brining during cooking

Cover the turkey breast with foil and follow the cooking times included with your turkey. If your oven’s big enough, then put the turkey in legs-first because the fatty dark meat can handle more heat. If not, cook it sideways and rotate it halfway through.

Important: One hour before the turkey is finished, take the foil (the helmet) off!

Check the temperature of the turkey with a digital thermometer. When the breast reaches 161° and the thighs and drumsticks are between 170° and 172°, take the turkey out. Put some foil over the turkey, but just sort of scrunch it over the top (wrapping it all the way around will cause the skin to get soggy.)

Finally, just let it sit like that for 20 to 30 minutes. It will continue to cook about 5° more, and give you time to prep your sides before dinner is served.

Date: Monday November 02, 2015

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