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Healthy Community Program

With Central Co-op's Healthy Community Program, those living on a restricted income receive a 10% discount at the Co-op on Tuesdays and Thursdays. HCP is open to our entire community, both owners and non-owners alike.

  • Cooperative Principle 7: Concern for Community

HCP is an annual program, so even if you participated one year, you'll need to sign up again and get a new card the following year. 

How to Sign Up

At the 16th & Madison, Seattle store: Stop by Central Services

At the Tacoma store: (Store moving locations soon!)

Some restrictions apply. Visit either store to learn more, or contact the Co-op using the General Comments & Inquiries form.

Healthy Community Program: A Healthy First Year

From the Winter 2015 issue of the Central Register

Our first year with the Healthy Community Program has been a huge success! HCP participants saved $20,000 on their groceries in 2014, and the program is in compliance with our current bylaws.

We created the HCP to offer members of our community better access to healthy food options that our Co-op provides. It also replaced the Exempt Member program, which we had to discontinue when our new Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws passed in 2013. Exempt memberships gave people access to owner savings plus a 5 percent discount on Tuesdays, but without voting privileges. However, in keeping with Cooperative Principle 3, Members’ Economic Participation, our bylaws now require that all account holders have equity invested in the Co-op. This meant that we had to ask our exempt members to either invest equity and become owners or close their accounts.

The HCP is similar to the exempt member program in that it gives a discount to those living on a restricted income when they shop at the Co-op on Tuesdays. The two main differences were that we increased the discount from 5 percent to 10 percent, and that shoppers no longer had to choose between getting the discount and becoming a vested co-op owner. The HCP is open to our entire
community, both owners and non-owners alike.

In 2014, more than 530 people signed up for the HCP (there were 585 active exempt members in 2013). More significant is the increase in savings this year over last – in 2014, HCP participants saved about $20,000 while exempt members saved less than $6,000 in 2013. 

The HCP is an annual program, so if you signed up for 2014, you will need to stop by Central Services to reapply and get a 2015 card. Please also stop by Central Services if you think you are eligible for this program and would like to learn more.


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