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Central Co-op is a solidarity cooperative. Solidarity cooperatives unite multiple classes of owners to work together for their common good. At Central, we're owned and democratically governed by customers and workers who have each purchased a share of the business, sharing ownership, investment, surplus distribution, and Board representation.

Each of these owners gets one vote, and from amongst themselves elect a Board of Trustees to direct the organization. Owners provide input to, vote for, and comprise our Board and Nominating Committee, tying the Co-op directly to the needs of our community. The Board also hires and oversees the General Manager, who is responsible for overseeing Co-op operations and staff.

Selling shares to owners is an important way cooperatives raise capital to run their business. Shares help us to purchase inventory and equipment, finance operations, and minimize outside debt. Consumer ownership at Central Co-op costs $100, and can be purchases all at once or in small monthly installments.


Central Co-op is powered by community, but we also rely on the energy, creativity, and dedication of our 100+ staff to get the nuts and bolts in place and keep the gears turning. We're proud to provide all those local jobs, and proud that both UFCW and IWW unions are represented. Worker ownership is available to eligible workers.

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See how our cooperative is doing in areas of employment, sustainability, and more! Read our annual report!


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