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Return On Investment: Owner Benefits

Becoming an owner of Central Co-op means purchasing a share and supporting the Co-op with your patronage and participation. Co-op owners and the broader community receive returns on those investments. Join us!

Stronger Seattle, Tacoma, and Washington Economy
  • Keep more money right here at home! In general, food co-ops have a bigger impact on the local economy than conventional grocers because they source locally and spend more on labor. A nationwide impact study reported, "For every $1,000 a shopper spends at their local food co-op, $1,604 dollars in economic activity is generated in their local economy - $239 more than if they had spent that same $1,000 at a conventional grocer in the same community." As locally-owned businesses, food co-ops also tend to contribute more to their local tax base than a chain based in another city or state.

Systemic Change

  • Strategic partnerships: The Northwest is home to diverse grassroots efforts working to level our inequitable food and economic systems. Through action, legislative advocacy, donations, and our Central Community Partners program, Central Co-op strategically aligns with organizations that share our values.
  • Community Partners: We choose our Community Partners annually, and help subsidize and promote their efforts throughout the year. They are community-led organizations who improve access to nutritious food in our area, connect with like communities around the world, build people power for equitable food and economic systems, and more. You can learn about them on our website or at the Central Services desk.
  • Community donations: Because building healthy communities takes many hands, we also make smaller donations to nearly 200 organizations throughout the year.

Patronage Dividends

  • Support the Co-op and share in our success! Patronage dividends allow us to strengthen our Co-op so we can continue to serve our community now and in the future. Our board will have the option of allocating dividends to owners based on your patronage from the previous year, with some being retained as needed and some being distributed as deemed prudent. ‚Äč
  • More about Patronage Dividends

    Note: The 2016 Central Co-op merger won't affect dividends on 2015 patronage. Going forward, patronage at both locations will count towards any dividends allocated, and allocated dividends will be split between consumer and worker owners.

Owner Discount Days

  • Owners receive 10% off one shopping trip at either location during our quarterly savings event. Owners can also receive an additional 5% off of pre-ordered cases, please check our calendar for the pre-order deadline.

Owner Coupons & Discounts
  • Weekly Owner Coupon: Available online on our homepage and Facebook
  • 10% case discount: Owners receive 10% off cases of pre-ordered goods. Order cases for pickup during your Owner Discount Days shopping trip, and stack the discounts. (Some quantity limitations may apply. Co+op Basics items not included.)
  • Run for the Nominating Committee: Be active in recruiting new Board Members and help shape the future of the Co-op.
  • Run for the Board of Trustees: Represent your fellow owners and take part in the Co-op's long-term planning.
  • Vote in Co-op elections: Elect board members, nominating committee members, and more.
Admission to Owner-Only Events
Stay Informed
  • Owners get a free subscription to the Central Register, our quarterly newsletter, plus admission to owner-only events and discounts to others.

How does ownership work?

Central Co-op is a solidarity cooperative. Solidarity cooperatives take different forms, but at Central that means we're owned and democratically controlled by customers and workers who have each purchased a share of the business.

One consumer share of Central Co-op costs $100. Consumer and worker shares are an equity investment that helps us purchase inventory and equipment, finance operations, and minimize outside debt. Owners also support the Co-op by shopping and working here, and by participating in the Co-op's democratic processes. 

Like the sound of all that? Join us!


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