New Member Benefits FAQs

Why are the member benefits changing?

We found our previous member benefits to be burdensome to both our members and our staff and decided that it was time to try something different. Our hope is that our new benefits will better fit our members needs as well as make more operational sense for our stores.


When are they changing?

The 2019 December Owner Discount Days will be our last. Our new member benefits will begin on January 1, 2020.


What is changing?

We are replacing Owner Discount Days with a seasonal 10% off coupon. Currently members have to come in during a specific week to use their 10% off coupon; now they can use their seasonal coupon on any shopping trip of their choice, once per season.


What do you mean by season?

The winter coupon will be valid January 1 through March 31; the spring coupon from April 1 through June 30; the summer coupon is good from July 1 through September 30; and the winter coupon is valid October 1 through December 31.


What if I forget to use my coupon? Or decide that I would’ve rather used it on a later trip?

It is each member’s responsibility to decide when to use their coupon and to remember to use it. Once your seasonal coupon has been used in any given season, members will be unable to use this discount again until the beginning of the next season.


Are there any other changes?

Yes, indeed there are. We are also adding two new discounts: Bulk 15 & Wellness Wednesdays.


What is Bulk 15?

On the 15th of every month, members receive 15% off all purchases from our Bulk department.


Does this include things like bulk shampoo & dish soap?

Yes, it does.


What is Wellness Wednesday?

Every Wednesday, members receive 10% off all supplements and body care items.


What happens if Bulk 15 is on a Wednesday?

When this happens, if a member wanted to buy some Bulk body care items, they will get the greater of the two discounts. The two discounts won’t combine, so they will receive 15% off.


Can I combine my seasonal coupon with either Bulk 15 or Wellness Wednesday?

Yes, you can.


What about the case discount?

We still have a 10% discount for case preorders. There are two changes: first it’s now open to everyone; also, members can combine the case discount with their seasonal coupon.


Is it still 15% off if I combine the case discount with my seasonal coupon?

No, the discount will now stack with the seasonal coupon so it will actually be about 19% off.


Does the case discount stack with any of the other member benefits?

No, the case discount does not combine with Bulk 15, Wellness Wednesdays or our Weekly Owner Coupons.


Will there still be Weekly Owner Coupons?

Yes, there will. They will still be updated each week on Wednesday and be good through the following Tuesday.


Are there still going to be Patronage Dividends?

Yes, Central Co-op will still have the option to distribute Patronage Dividends in years that we are profitable. Consumer members will still receive their dividend based on the amount they spent at the co-op that year.