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Our assortment of libations will keep your whistle wet! We’re proud to stock:

  • Washington-made beers and imports
  • Specialty, microbrew, and sustainable beers
  • Classic party brews
  • Wines from Washington and beyond, priced for every budget
  • Washington-made spirits
  • Mead, sake, and liqueurs
  • Mixology essentials


Join us for weekly tastings every Saturday from 3-5pm! We host spirited complimentary tastings in our wine aisle every month. Please be 21+ and bring ID.

Our beer and cider menu (also available on the Untappd social drinking app):

January 16 - 29
  • Cachaca Prata 750 mL, from Brazil, similar to Rum
    Sale Price: $34.99
    Reg. Price: $37.99

  • Berola 750 mL
    Sale Price: $13.99
    Reg. Price: $14.99

  • Macon-Charnay 750 mL
    Sale Price: $14.99
    Reg. Price: $15.99

  • FRV 100 de Jean Paul Gamay Rose 750 mL
    Sale Price: $18.99
    Reg. Price: $20.99

  • Late Bottle Vintage Porto 750 mL
    Sale Price: $22.99
    Reg. Price: $24.99

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