Central Co-op is independent, democratic, and community-owned, and anyone can join! Over 15,000 other people in your community own these stores! Central Co-op owners get personal and collective benefits from co-owning and supporting a successful independent business that's rooted in our community. That means we're guided by the needs of the people we serve, right here in Seattle and Tacoma.

Central Co-op is a Solidarity Cooperative, where consumer and worker shares are an equity investment that helps us purchase inventory and equipment, finance operations, and minimize outside debt. Owners also support the Co-op by shopping and working here, and by participating in the Co-op's democratic processes, like voting in our Elections or serving on our Board


Buying a Consumer Share

One consumer share of Central Co-op costs $100, and can be purchased all at once or in small installments.

Join in-store: You can become a consumer owner at the Central Services desk or at the checkstands by paying all $100 at once, or in small installments.

Join online: Pay $100 through Paypal by filling out our online form, and we will mail you your consumer owner information. Once we receive notification from Paypal of your payment, a human will create your account in 1-2 business days.


Join Now Online

Ready to co-own a community-powered grocery? Fantastic! Read over the Ownership Agreement, and if you agree to the terms, click the I Agree button. You'll be taken to Paypal where you can enter your account and payment information. It's OK if you don't have a Paypal account--you can still pay with a credit card or debit/credit card.

  • Only consumer shares are available online. Worker shares are available to eligible workers.
  • The equity that owners invest in the Co-op is refundable at any point in time regardless of whether you have paid in full. However, the Board of Trustees does retain the right to withhold equity refunds when necessary to protect Central Co-op's financial viability. Also, equity will not be refunded to an owner that has outstanding debts to the co-op that exceeds or matches the amount of equity invested in the co-op. As with any investment, there is risk involved.

Ownership Agreement

I agree to receive communications from Central Co-op regarding important Co-op business. I agree to abide by the principles, terms, and policies of Central Co-op. I understand that my membership is not transferable.

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Please note, it may take up to two business days to process your transaction.


16th & Madison, Seattle  [ Map ]
Open Daily: 7am - 10pm
1600 E Madison St, Seattle

Pearl & 46th, Tacoma   [ Map ]
Open Daily: 7:30am – 9pm
4502 North Pearl Street

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