We are your year-round farmers' market!


We stock essential fresh items year-round plus a fantastic array of seasonal products. In any season, you'll find gorgeous, sustainably-grown produce at Central Co-op. Curious about choosing, handling, and preparing? Our knowledgeable staff are here to help.


Almost all our produce is certified organic, and the rest is from farmers we know and trust.


We develop direct relationships with Washington farmers, like Puget Sound Food Hub. Recently Jade Vantreese and Griffin Berger of the Food Hub stopped by Central Co-op to tell us more about their Mount Vernon-based farmer-owned co-op. In the spirit of Cooperative Principle 6: Cooperation Among Cooperatives, we carry a variety of produce from Puget Sound Food Hub’s member farms, and recently added dried apples from Sauk Farm, where Griffin works as Operations Manager.

See more of our Washington Producers.


August 15 - 21
  • Organic 5lb Bagged Russet Potatoes
    Sale Price: $4.99/ea
    Reg. Price: $7.99/ea

  • Organic Brussels Sprouts
    Sale Price: $4.99/lb
    Reg. Price: $7.99/lb

  • Organic Collards
    Sale Price: $1.99/ea
    Reg. Price: $2.99/ea

  • Organic Corn
    Sale Price: 10 for $10
    Reg. Price: $1.50/ea

  • Organic Grapefruit
    Sale Price: $1.49/lb
    Reg. Price: $1.99/lb

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