Bulk Foods

Save Money and Reduce Waste!

Bulk departments have been the cornerstone of food co-ops from the beginning, and we're sure proud of ours. We're stocked with lots of local, fairly traded, organic, gluten-free, and raw options, and that's just the start. 

  • Dry goods like beans, grains, flours, nuts, and granolas
  • Herbs, spices, coffees, and teas, familiar and unusual
  • Liquids like oils, honey, vanilla extract, Bragg's Liquid Aminos, and more
  • Ingredients for Western and international diets
  • Staple foods, baking ingredients, snacks, and treats
  • Curious about a bulk item? Ask us for a sample!

Because we're stocking in bulk, we can cut back on packaging and on some of the cost and labor, passing those savings on to you. 

Owners, if you buy one of the large bags we stock on the bottom of the bulk table, we're able to give you a 10% discount on top of the already-low bulk price. Sweet deal!

Using Your Own Containers Is Easy

When you use your own containers to take your goods home in, you're helping curb our collective waste stream. The Co-op does provide complimentary containers and bags if you find yourself without your own, and we also sell affordable, reusable glass containers and cloth bags.

How to use your own containers:

  1. Weigh your empty container to get the tare weight.
    • There's a scale on the Bulk table.    
    • Ask a co-op employee to help you get your personal container weighed.
  2. Write the tare weight on your container. That way your cashier will know how much to subtract at checkout, so you're not charged for the weight of your container.
  3. Fill your container, and write the bin number next to the tare weight. The Bulk table is stocked with masking tape and twist ties for writing on.

Looking for info on preparing dry grains, rices, and legumes? Check out our Shopping and Food Guides.

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