It's Time for Crunch Madness!


Whether your about to settle into a month of college basketball viewing or you just like to snack, you need to know what chips will truly satisfy you. Luckily, there's Crunch Madness, our bracket where we pit chips against each other in a fierce flavor competition, decided by you! We'll have similar styles of chips available for sampling every two days. Come in, sample, vote, and crown a champion!


March 14-15: Jalisco vs Cabo Loco Tortilla Chips
Winner: Cabo Loco

March 16-17: Paqui vs Late July Nacho Cheese Cips
Winner: Paqui

March 18-19: Farmouse Culture vs Forager Greens
Winner: Farmhouse Culture

March 20-21: Jackson's Honest vs Boulder Potato Chips

Date: Wednesday March 14, 2018

Category: Spring


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