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Central Community Partners Program

Each year, Central Co-op chooses several Central Community Partners, and through financial contributions and outreach, we support their work to sustain, nourish, and empower healthy communities in and around Seattle and Tacoma.

  • Cooperative Principle 7: Concern for Community

Central Co-op provides up to $3,000 toward Partner programs and events, and we actively promote our Partners to our owners. Partners may use the Co-op community bulletin board to promote events, and may provide materials and do outreach tabling at Co-op events. Partners receive preferential access to the Rochdale Room, the Co-op’s meeting and community space, for meetings and events.

Partnership is a two-way relationship! Partners connect to the Co-op online, share key Co-op information with their networks, and provide opportunity for Central Co-op to do outreach at Partner events when appropriate.

Becoming a Central Community Partner

Community Partner applications are accepted in October.

We choose our Partners annually, and through financial contributions and outreach, support their work to sustain, nourish, and empower healthy communities in and around Seattle and Tacoma.

Our Partners are local, small-to mid-size organizations making a big impact in their communities, who may find non-traditional and smaller funding sources especially beneficial. We engage these partnerships to uphold our values; promote strong healthy communities; build just and sustainable local food systems; and feed resilient and regenerative ecosystems.

Meet our 2017 Community Partners!

Nourish Pierce County
Serving all over the county in 17 locations, Nourish Pierce County aims to provide nutritious food to people in need with compassion, dignity, and respect and has grown to serve over 74,000 clients in 2015 – that’s more than 4.6 million nourishing meals!  They are a community-focused organization, providing volunteer opportunities for 700 community members and clients.  In 2011, Nourish launched an innovative Mobile Food Bank, designed to give areas with high need and no access to food banks a new resource. The Mobile Food Bank serves 10 sites across the county from Roy to the Key Peninsula.

Click to visit Nourish Piece County

The Center for Food Preservation Arts
The Center for Food Preservation Arts was founded in 2015 with a mission to work locally to re-center the food system by addressing food insecurity and waste at the grass roots level; and to grow community through education and shared food preservation activities. Community workshops and canning events include everything from basic kitchen skills, to recipes and techniques for preserving seasonal produce, to sharing homemade gifts from the garden and kitchen.  With a commitment to Access, Education, Support, and Community, CFPA provides more than just what you can fit in a jar.

Click to visit the Center for Food Preservation Arts

Hunger Intervention Program 
The mission of Hunger Intervention Program (HIP) is to increase food security for underserved populations in North King County through nutritious meals, educational programs, and advocacy. HIP has five different programs: Healthy HIP Packs (a weekend food program for school-aged children), Afterschool Meals, Summer Meals for Kids, Lake City Senior Meals, and Cooking Matters (a cooking & nutrition education series). Through these healthy meals and educational programs HIP serves North King County’s most vulnerable populations while advocating for policy changes to address the root causes of hunger.

Click to visit Hunger Intervention Program

Sustainable Capitol Hill
Sustainable Capitol Hill is working to create a vital neighborhood – one with strong connections between people, place and the local ecosystem. Capitol Hill Tool Library provides a place for anyone to borrow cool tools, work on projects, learn from others, or teach something new to your friends and neighbors. Their fruit gleaning puts edible fruit into the hands of our neighbors. All are welcome to share a skill, pick fruit, borrow a hammer or food dehydrator, or meet your neighbors. Join Sustainable Capitol Hill in making our neighborhood stronger!

Click to visit Sustainable Capitol Hill


Community Donations

Central Co-op also makes small contributions to community organizations and events throughout the year via our Community Donations program.

Donation and Partnership Criteria

We build relationships with organizations that promote cooperative community in these ways:

  • Serve Seattle and Tacoma's communities.
  • Provide access to healthy food.
  • Promote food sovereignty, food security and food justice.
  • Promote access to land for holistic urban agriculture and the local food economy.
  • Promote ecological sustainability.

Preference is given to neighbors, co-ops, and nonprofits.

Central Co-op does not give to organizations that discriminate on the basis of identity or status including race, language, creed, sex, class, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or disability. Central Co-op does not give to political candidates or for religious purposes, but programs of religious organizations may qualify.


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