Central Co-op Elections

2019 Elections

Central Co-op is a democratically governed organization. Our owners elect a Board of Trustees and a Nominating Committee to represent them, making the Annual Election a vital element of Central Co-op's governance.

  • Central Co-op Principle 2: Democratic Member Governance

Each active owner has one vote. You help choose other owners who sit on our Board and Nominating Committee, and set the long-term vision and priorities that ultimately guide the everyday efforts of the Co-op.


736 votes were cast, which represented 5.8% of the membership (Quorum, the minimum number of votes needed to make the election valid, is 5% of eligible voters)


Consumer-Member Seat: Three-year Term
Emily Happy            529 votes (72%)
Karen Stockert        198 votes (27%)

Worker-Member Seat: Three-year Term
Jack Freal               688 votes (93%)


Consumer-Member Seat: One-year Term
Ellie Cohan             547 votes (74%)
Matthew Carter       174 votes (24%)

Worker-Member Seat: One-year Term
Camille Hardeman  680 votes (92%)