Make Your Life Easier by Ordering by the Case

Owner Discount Days are coming soon! December 7-15 owners get 10% off one shop and everyone will receive deep, deep discounts on Daily Deals!

But that’s not all! Owners can also pre-order cases of products and get an additional discount, for a total discount of 15%! Preorders must be placed by the Wednesday, December 4 and can be picked up during Owner Discount Days.

Buying by the case is a great way to make your life easier by having the things you need on hand. Whether you’re dashing out the door and need an energy bar or need beans for a last-minute dinner plan, it’s great to know you have what you need without another shopping trip.

We asked some of our staff for case order recommendations:

Sean runs our Seattle Center Store Dept., which gets the most case orders. He says that the most popular items include coconut milk, canned beans, canned pet food, milk alternatives, and kombucha.



Heather from the Seattle Wellness Dept. tells us that many people enjoy ordering cases of Uncle Harry’s or Tom’s of Maine toothpaste, gallon bottles of Dr. Bronner’s soap, epsom salts, and bar soap from Chandrika. You can also buy bulk wellness items by the “case,” like five gallon buckets of dish or laundry soap or 10 lbs. of Shepard Moon bath salts.


And don’t forget Meat! Not only can you order cases of shelf-stable products like canned tuna and salmon, meat sticks, jerky, pork rinds and frozen breakfast sausage, we can also do custom ‘case orders’ on fresh meat: A whole ribeye or New York strip, whole lamb leg or whole chickens (6 to a case). Trayed organic Roxy chicken packages (like thighs, breasts, wings, etc.) are only 6 to a case, whereas Rangers are 12 to a case.

Take some time before September 4 and consider what YOU need a bunch of, then order at our Central Services desk or by calling 206-329-1545 (Seattle) or 253-888-4288 (Tacoma).



Date: Wednesday April 25, 2018

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