Celebrate National Co-op Month with Central Co-op!

Monday, October 1 - Wednesday, October 31

Cooperatives do business differently - we're independent, democratic and community-owned. Celebrated nationwide during the month of October, National Co-op Month is an opportunity to draw attention to the many ways cooperatives are creating shared prosperity for their members and communities. 

Co-ops act to fulfill their members' needs and put their values into action, not make profits for outside investors. Central Co-op shares seven Cooperative Principles with co-ops worldwide and is proud to be a part of an American co-op movement that provides 2.1 million jobs and houses 1.2 million people!

We are highlighting the co-ops we buy from by putting Co-op Month tags next to their products. This purchasing is an example of how we live by Cooperative Principle 6Cooperation Among Cooperatives! Our co-op suppliers include:

Join us for two Adult Beverage Tastings featuring co-op-made wines:

  • Friday, 10/5, 5-7pm: La Riojana, a farmer co-op in Argentina's Famatina Valley
  • Friday, 10/19, 5-7pm: Bainbridge Vineyards, a worker co-op on Bainbridge Island

Our Cooperative Principles
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