Adult Beverage Tasting: Mead from Hierophant Meadery

Friday, March 9 - 5:00-7:00 pm

1600 E Madison

Join us for a spirited Adult Beverage Tasting featuring meads from Hierophant Meadery! Produced in ancient history throughout Europe, Africa and Asia, mead is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey with water. Hierophant Meadery is a family owned business in approproiately-named Mead, WA which strives to support small farms & apiaries. It is Hierophant Meadery's mission to model the importance of supporting local farmers and honey producers to create more sustainable communities in the Northwest.

Featured Meads: 

Chrysopoeia - The Chrysopoeia is a subtly sweet, light bodied off-dry mead with a creamy sweetness in the finish. There are notes of tart apples, green hay, vanilla, and butter that carry into a shorter finish with honey and butteriness predominant.

Hopped Mead - This mead possesses two additions of three types of hops, which add balance to the sweetness of traditional honey wine with grounded base notes, and a sturdy aroma that entices the senses. Mosaic hops anchor a fruit-forward hop blend with guava, lime, and grapefruit flavors combined with the usual resinous hop flavor.

Gilead Poplar Mead - Drawing from the Balm of Gilead, this wine combines exotic Old World spice with the sensory memories of branches baking in the strengthening sun of spring in the Northwest. Additions of Poplar leaf buds & sun-dried vanilla bean give this off-dry metheglin a floral nose and sweet start with a warm, complex & lingering resinous finish.

Rose Cardamom Mead - This off-dry mead is infused with rose petals, fresh ground cardamom, and sun dried vanilla bean. This complex yet delicate blend of floral and spice notes is rounded with the smoothness of vanilla that will keep you guessing (and sipping)! Tasting choices will rely heavily on the nuanced balance of the floral notes-the citrusy rose, with the almost peppery but cool spice character of the cardamom.

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