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Community Fundraising & Donations

Central Co-op supports the work of community organizations in the Seattle and Tacoma area with small donations and sponsorships for special projects and events. And our Round Up program offers our community the opportunity to easily donate to food banks near our stores. 

  • Cooperative Principle 7: Concern for Community

Central Co-op also contributes on an ongoing basis to the work of our Community Partners, several community organizations chosen each year for their work to advocate for and sustain area communities and food systems.

Round Up for Neighborhood Food Banks

round up

Central Co-op is raising money for our three local food banks:

All money raised through our Community Foodraising Drive is placed on Central Co-op gift cards for these food banks to purchase whatever is most useful for their programs from our selection of nutritious, Earth-friendly foods.

Tell your cashier you'd like to "Round Up"!

When you check out, let your cashier know that you would like to "Round Up your grocery bill," to the nearest dollar or more. Your change will automatically be donated to our Round Up campaign for local food banks.

Our Foodraising Drive raised more $10,000 in 2015 from just one store. How much more can we raise? Let's keep Rounding Up for our neighbors and community! Below is some appreciation from our partner food banks:

Thanks to our community from Centerstone:
"Centerstone is extremely grateful for the donations the Central Co-op collects on our behalf and the discounts provided on food that our organization buys through their Healthy Institutions Program. Thanks to Central Co-op, we are able to provide our food bank clients with fresh, healthy produce that they may not otherwise be able to include in their diets.  The staff is always great in helping to select and order produce that will optimize value and nutrition. Centerstone is proud to have Central Co-op as a partner in fighting hunger." -  May, 2016

Thanks to our community from JFS Food Bank:
The Central Co-op is more than just a good neighbor to JFS.   The ROUND UP program is a very effective and supportive way to help in a direct way.  It provides JFS funds to purchase high quality bulk products for our Food Bank Program.  The support from the front end team shows their commitment to community in a very direct way.  We also appreciate the valuable “floor space” for our JFS bin at the front of the store.  Your support of our programming contributes to both the health and well –being of our clients and also the health and well-being of our community.  Thank you Central Co-op! -  May, 2016

Donation and Partnership Criteria

We build relationships with organizations that promote cooperative community in these ways:

  • Serve Seattle and Tacoma's communities.
  • Provide access to healthy food.
  • Promote food sovereignty, food security and food justice.
  • Promote access to land for holistic urban agriculture and the local food economy.
  • Promote ecological sustainability.

Preference is given to neighbors, co-ops, and nonprofits.

Central Co-op does not give to organizations that discriminate on the basis of identity or status including race, language, creed, sex, class, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or disability. Central Co-op does not give to political candidates or for religious purposes, but programs of religious organizations may qualify.

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