Landlord Improvements Are Coming!

We’re excited to announce that our landlord is making improvements to our store building at 16th and Madison in Seattle! Our landlord, Madison Crossing, LLC, is making these improvements as part of the 20-year lease we signed with them in October of 2015. These changes will improve the store aesthetically as well as make it easier for shoppers to use.

The improvements that Madison Crossing will be making consist of enclosing the front of the store so that there will be a single entrance from the street, the parking garage stair and the elevator, as well as improving our elevator to make the store more accessible.

This page will link to weekly blog posts updating you to the progress of the project. If you have any questions about the project, please feel free to email us here.


12/8/2017: Our new stairs are open!
11/21/2017: Just in Time for Thanksgiving... The Elevator to the Parking Garage is Open!
9/21/2017: The Garage Gets Fixed and the Glass Goes In
7/14/2017: Reclaimed Treads Arrive! 5/12/2017: Pouring Concrete, Buying Stairs
4/27/2017: Breaking Up Concrete
4/19/2017: Our New Staircase
4/13/2017: The Landlord Improvements are Happening!
3/1/2017: Preserving the Tile Wall Project

A Preview of What’s To Come

Like any construction project, these improvements will cause some disruption in the short term, but we are dedicated to minimizing the inconvenience to our shoppers and maximizing their enjoyment of seeing their building improve. As the work is going on, we will be creating clear wayfinding signage, helping people get their groceries to their cars, and using our creativity to make construction areas beautiful. Shoppers can also make use of the Instacart delivery service to have their groceries brought directly to their homes.

Our landlord tells us that this project will take around five months total and will be starting in the next few weeks.

Unfortunately, the project will require removal of the wall of tiles commemorating the donations of individuals and organizations who contributed to our 1998 capital campaign that allowed us to move into this location. We will be working to preserve the images on the tiles to continue to honor our donors’ support.  We will begin by photographing each tile individually. This preservation project will start on March 1. We have done our best to contact everyone who has a tile on the wall. If you were a donor to our campaign and have a tile on the wall, please contact Central Services if you would like a photo of your tile.


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