Our Parking Garage Will Be Closed Tuesday, Sept. 26, at 6pm

As many of you know, we closed our parking garage last Wednesday and Thursday for repairs and cleaning. Unfortunately, the contractors were unable to finish work on our ramp in the time allowed, which means that we will have to close the garage again tonight from 6pm onward. We know this will be a disruption for those of you planning to shop tonight (Tuesday) and we want to do everything we can to help minimize the inconvenience. 

We have arranged several ways to assist shoppers during the closure. Central Co-op staff will be available to help shoppers carry their groceries to their cars and return grocery carts. Shoppers will be allowed to park for free in the following garages (See map below):

  • Pearl Apartments (south side of Pine between 15th & 16th)
  • Vox Apartments (south side of Pine between 14th & 15th)
  • Broadcast Apartments (north side of Madison between Pike and 15th). 

Just ignore the signs telling you to pay and tell your license plate number to our staff at Central Services when you begin shopping. All garages close at midnight.

If you would like to have your groceries delivered, we have a special promotion through Instacart. You will receive $15 off your first delivery of $35 or more (alcohol purchases do not count against the total purchase). Just use the code SHOPCENTRAL at checkout.


As you can see in the photos above, last week we were able to power-wash and re-stripe our parking garage. This has created additional parking spaces and made the garage easier to use, including the addition of pull-trough spaces in the center of the garage.

The contractors were able to repair about two-thirds of our ramp, but ran out of the special concrete needed for the job. They will complete the repairs tonight.

We thank you for your patience with this process and look forward to the improvement to our parking facilities that we will all be able to enjoy for years to come!