Central Co-op Impact Study

We have some very exciting news about how much our cooperative community strengthens our Washington economy!!!

Central Co-op hired Civic Economics, to conduct a Local Impact Study of our Co-op. This firm has 15 years of experience conducting similar studies for non-profits, businesses, and government entities. They helped us to quantify exactly how our activities add up to make a difference in our neighborhoods and the state of Washington.

Here is a summary of our impressive impact!

Central Co-op: Feeding the Washington Economy

Central Co-op has been a mainstay in the Seattle natural foods world for nearly 40 years. It has developed, over time, to be a small but powerful economic engine in the region with its ability to return money spent within its walls to the local economy. It has been able to achieve this goal while representing the needs of both its customers and employees.

With the release of “Central Co-op: Feeding the Washington Economy”, Central Co-op is able to put tangible numbers to what many suspected all along. The study reveals that 52 cents of every dollar that is spent at Central Co-op stay within the State of Washington. This compares very favorably with both conventional grocery chains which recirculate only 23 cents of every dollar and even standard co-ops which send 36 cents of every dollar back to their communities (2012 national averages). The two major ways that the Co-op achieves this is by hiring full time employees on living wage principles and by going out of its way to ensure Washington producers and suppliers are used whenever possible.

This recirculation allows money to churn through the region and in turn creates revenues used to build and support roads, schools, bridges, and libraries that make Seattle the vibrant community that it is today. Seattle is better off for having businesses such as Central Co-op that are able to give back to the community while making Seattle a better place to live and work. And to shop for groceries.

Read the complete study.

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