Order Thanksgiving Turkeys, Meals and Pies

Thanksgiving fast approaches and it's time to order your turkey! We have natural, organic, free-range and heirloom varieties to choose from. Our Deli can whip up an entire Thanksgiving meal for you (including vegan meals), too! If you are interested in ordering, please call your home store; online ordering has ended. Thanks!


We are very excited about the selection of Thanksgiving turkeys that we have for you to choose from this year:

  • Natural turkeys from Acme
  • Free-range, organic, and heirloom turkeys from Diestel. Diestel is a family-owned ranch in California. (Supply of heirloom turkeys is limited)
  • Fully pastured, local turkeys from Oak Meadows Farm, a small family farm in Ferndale, WA. (Seattle only-SOLD OUT)
  • Organic, local turkeys from Skagit River Ranch, a small family farm in Sedro Woolley, WA. (Seatle only)

Turkey Prices:
Acme Natural Turkeys, $1.99/lb
Diestel Natural Turkeys, $2.69/lb
Diesel Natural Whole Turkey Breasts, $6.99/lb (Seattle only)
Diestel Organic Turkeys, $3.49/lb (SOLD OUT in Seattle)
Diestel Heirloom Turkeys, $5.99/lb (SOLD OUT in Tacoma)
Oak Meadows Pastured Turkeys, $8.99/lb (SOLD OUT)
Skagit River Ranch Local, Organic Turkeys, $8.99/lb (Seattle only)

Picking up your turkey
Stop by our Meat Department when you're doing your Thanksgiving shopping November 26-28 and give our staff your name - they will bring your turkey out to you!

Online ordering has ended, please give us a call if you have any questions about your order, or want to see check on the availability for last minute ordering. Thanks!



This year our Deli is here to help make your Thanksgiving easy and delicious! Whether you’re interested in a full meal for 4 to 6 people or would just like a pie, our Deli has you covered. We even have a Vegan Thanksgiving dinner featuring Field Roast’s Celebration Roast. Order now, supplies are limited.

Thanksgiving Dinner: $150 - for 4 to 6 people
Featuring a natural smoked, natural Ferndale Market turkey or a roasted, natural Diestel turkey, 8-10 lbs

Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner: $100 - for 4 to 6 people
Featuring a Celebration Roast by Field Roast 

All meals include the following:

  • Traditional Stuffing (V) or Southern Cornbread Stuffing (V, GF)
  • Garlic Mashed Potatoes (V)
  • Mushroom Gravy (V)
  • Cranberry Sauce (V)
  • Choice of Vegetable: Brussels Sprouts (V or w/local Hempler’s bacon), Collard Greens (V) or Green Beans (V or w/local Hempler’s bacon)

Individual 8" or 9” Pies:

  • Willamette Valley Pie Co. Cherry (V), 8" - $8.99 (reg. $14.99)
  • Willamette Valley Pie Co. Marionberry (V), 8" - $8.99 (reg. $14.99)
  • Willamette Valley Pie Co. Apple (V), 8" - $8.99 (reg. $14.99)
  • Willamette Valley Pie Co. Pumpkin (V), 8" - $9.99 (reg. $14.99)
  • Willamette Valley Pie Co. Pumpkin (V), 9" - $14.99 (reg. $15.99)
  • Simply Soulful Sweet Potato, 9" - $18.99
  • Simply Soulful Pecan, 9" - $18.99
  • Flying Apron Pumpkin (V, GF), 9" - $23.99
  • Flying Apron Apple (V, GF), 9" - $23.99

Other flavors, sizes and gluten-free options will be available in the store.


Holiday tip: Have your Thanksgiving groceries delivered!

Seattle shoppers: Make your holiday shopping a snap with Instacart! Shop our online store and schedule delivery up to a week in advance. Delivery is available daily, including 9am to 1pm on Thanksgiving Day. (Please note: Turkeys and Thanksgiving meals cannot be ordered through Instacart)