Indie Month

Sunday, July 1 - Tuesday, July 31

1600 E Madison

July is the fifth annual Indie Month at Central Co-op! It's the time that we celebrate the independent businesses that work hard to create the products on our shelves. Autonomy and Independence are important to us. In fact, they're our fourth Cooperative Principle.

Why Indie? The companies we’re highlighting are not owned by Wall Street shareholders, are not funded by venture capital, and aren’t controlled by a parent company. We believe that being unbeholden to profit-driven investors allows businesses to be more authentic and rooted in their communities.

Freedom to Innovate
Independent companies are more free to experiment with new ideas. They can improve their products and workplaces, and invest in what they think is important for their employees, communities, and environment.

A Diverse Marketplace
Having a range of independent business owners creates a more diverse marketplace that better reflects its consumer base. In turn, consumers have more options to shop according to their values, tastes, interests, cultures, and traditions.

Look for Indie Month tags on the shelves highlighting companies that are not subsidiaries of other companies or publicly traded. This includes family-owned businesses, sole proprietorships, worker co-ops and other worker-owned companies.

We'll have indie companies in the store throughout the month sharing samples and talking to shoppers about their products:

7/1 11am-2pm: Bitchin' Sauce 
      12-3pm: Kewpie Salad Dressing
7/5 3-6pm: Andalou Naturals skin, body and hair care & Cheeseland Dutch cheeses
7/6 4-7pm: Mochila Columbian-style kumis & Mt. Townsend Creamery cheese
7/7 10am-1pm Sauk Farm fruit and cider
      3-7pm Cobb's handmade treats
      12-4pm: Yellowbird hot sauces
7/9 11:30am-3:30pm Malk Organics nut milks
7/10 4-7pm: CocoKind organic skincare
7/11 4-7pm: Host Defense mushroom-based supplements
7/12 10:30am-1:30pm GluteNull gluten-free baked goods
        11:30am-1:30pm: Salt Blade artisan cured meat
        2-4pm: Lilly's Hummus
        3-6pm: Four Sigmatic mushroom beverages
7/13 11am-3pm: Bitchin' Sauce 
        2-6pm: Antonina's Bakery gluten-free baked goods
        3-7pm: CocoCoast natural coconut water
        5-7pm: Adult Beverage Tasting featuring Viola Wine Cellars
7/14 11am-2pm: Bio-K+ probiotics
        11am-2pm: Hippeas organic chickpea puffs
        12-4pm: Doolie's African Salsa
7/15 11am-2pm: Barnana chips, bites and brittle
        11am-2pm: Natural Factors supplements
        3-7pm: Cobb's handmade treats
7/17  11am-2pm: Happy Campers gluten-free bread
7/18 3-6pm: Weleda skin care
        4-7pm: Mochila Columbian-style kumis
7/19 11am-3pm: Organic India tea
        1-4pm: Jilz Crackers, gluten-free, vegan and paleo
        3-6pm: Capello's gluten-free cookies, pasta and pizza
        3-6pm: MegaFood vitamins and supplements
7/20 11am-3pm: Essential Bakery
        12-4:40pm: CocoCoast natural coconut water
         2-5pm: Honeybee Gardens natural cosmetics & body care products 
         4-7pm: HealthForce superfoods
7/21 12-4pm: INDIE MONTH ICE CREAM SOCIAL with ice cream from Lopez Island Creamery, Whidbey Island Ice Cream and Parfait Ice Cream plus Equal Exchange chocolate
7/22 1-4pm: Peak Triple Cream Yogurt
        1-5:30pm: CocoCoast natural coconut water
        3-6pm: HealthForce superfoods
7/23 11am-2pm: Four Sigmatic mushroom beverages
7/25 3-6pm: Suzi's Lavender skin care
        3-6pm: Capello's gluten-free cookies, pasta and pizza
7/27 12-3pm: Bright Earth raw trail bars
        1-4pm: Zue Beauty quinoa-based bodycare products
        3-7pm: GT's kombucha
        3-6pm: Capello's gluten-free cookies, pasta and pizza
7/28 11am-2pm: Cacoco drinking chocolate
        12-4pm: Sambazon acai bites
7/29 1-4pm: Chirps Chips made with cricket flour
7/30 11am-2pm Timber City Ginger Beer
7/31 3-6pm: Capello's gluten-free cookies, pasta and pizza

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