Fresh Peach Ice Cream

Season: Summer

Nate S., Executive Assistant

Nate’s favorite Peak Peach recipe is simple: ice cream with a burst of fresh peach flavor!






1 quart of vanilla ice cream (recommended: Three Twins Vanilla Bean)
Cream or milk, a small amount to aid in mixing
1 or 2 fresh peaches, with pit removed and sliced


Equipment: standard food blender and a table knife

Scoop ice cream into blender; alternate between pulse blending and chopping chunks with a table knife to assist with mixing and blending. Keep pulse blending to a minimum so ice cream remains slightly chunky. Add cream or milk sparingly. Toss in peach slices, using pulse blending just enough to create tiny bits of peach mixed throughout.

Serve immediately in glass tumblers. Yum!

Keywords: Peaches

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